Monday, 13 June 2011

Reverting to Type

John Bull Printing Outfit No.12, originally uploaded by Wychbury.
If you read our blog you may be familiar with my growing obsession with all things type, old typewriters and especially vintage John Bull Printing Outfits. Well, I am very excited to report that my latest set arrived today, No.12. this one contains an intact booklet and a long-dehydrated inkpad with the expiry date JUN 1948.

There aren't many letters but to my joy they are a different font to my previous set No.18. This discovery may herald the beginning of a collecting habit! I already knew from my Ebay sessions that many of the John Bull Outfits had image stamps included and the booklet in my new set seems to be implying that sets No. 33 and 115 contain small image stamps including floral designs. Oh yes - a pansy and an English 'Tudor' style rose - the quest begins!

Paula x


The Little Floating Craft Co said...

Awesome! I did peek on ebay after your description the other day and was sorely tempted but I've spent my mad money this month already! Bought some beautiful metal stamps from a crafter in Cambridge on Saturday! xxx

Claire said...

Will keep an eye out for some other ones for you xxx

Paula and Lesley, said...

Oooh I have a metal printing block of a lovely Art Nouveau lady - it is reputed to be from the Vogue printers trays from back in the olden days!

Thanks Claire - John Bull alerts appreciated! It's this or vintage Vulcan toy sewing machines, this may be cheaper and more useful! pxxx

Ian said...
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