Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Mother's Day Event

With Spring rapidly approaching, I have been busy trying to get all fresh and bright with some new colours - not usually in my nature I know! Hopefully I will have brightened up enough by the time Mother's Day arrives as Wychbury will be having a stall at this event in Saltaire : http://www.stallfinder.com/the-stalls-arts-crafts-fair-i3846.html
It's at our favourite venue so it's a good one to start the season with. We will also be at East Morton Institute in West Yorkshire on 28th March (times to be confirmed) for an event organised by Rhona of Green Lane Arts http://www.greenlanearts.com/ with lots of lovely local artists and crafters. Come along if you are local!
Paula xxx

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Since I will most likely not be able to get my kids to sit through Coraline without being terrified when it comes out, I have become rather obsessed with the website http://coraline.com/

Having buttoned my eyes, explored the house and created a 'Wychwort' flower in the garden I found a movie for the incredible woman who actually knitted - on tiny needles no less - Coraline's sweater and gloves for the movie!

Althea Crome at Bugknits - oh my goodness! check it out - http://www.bugknits.com/

The other Paula xxx