Monday, 20 June 2011

Studio re-organisation, episode I

Studio reorganisation, episode I, originally uploaded by Wychbury.
I get the feeling that this is about to turn into another photo diary as the re-organisation of my workroom is a mammoth task!
You may remember some time ago, I shared my joy at finally getting my wish and having my loft converted into a workroom. I blogged it, photographed it and proudly added it to a gazillion flickr groups.

Well, wasteful ingrate that I am, over the last year my poor space has been absolutely trashed to the point where I had no choice but to spread through the house like a virus, invading every surface with brooches, clips, buttons and bits of fabric!
There were several catalysts for this turn of events:

1: The Winter plus the new stove I got in my living room - who wants to be in a cold loft where there are logs crackling?
2: School holidays - there have been loads and I can't stay in the loft when I've got kids in the garden - so I spread more (even into the garden sometimes!).

3: New designs and products - there have been a lot from Wychbury this year. The design process for most makers is a space guzzling one, as you lay all your componants out along with sketches and notes you can't possibly clear away before bed as you might forget what you came up with...anyway, you'd just have to get it all out again wouldn't you?
So the combination of these factors coupled with my extreme wool-headed laziness have led to an overun house with no usuable seating or even a dining table. No dogs or small children can enter as everything is so precarious and my own family have had to adopt a whole new way of life as they search for a space to complete even the simplest of tasks.

It ends here, for a while anyway! I've gone through the place like a hurricane and filled bag after bag with literal garbage and am currently redesigning the layout with my new products and working style in mind. Stay with me lovely family, friends and readers of our blog - it won't be long now and harmony will return!

Paula x


Swirlyarts said...

It's obviously the time of year for tidying and sorting craft rooms as I have just done mine. Pictures on my blog if you fancy peeking? :)

Paula and Lesley, said...

Ah fantastic! And we've both starting blogging at the same time about it - madness! Your room is looking great Lynsey, big love pxxx

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

oh my, Paula, you are a kindred spirit! We have done the loft, but it needs to be finished before I use it. Because of marital sanity issues, I am not allowed, for my own and the good of my family, to spread my workstuff outside of the teeny tiny cupboard with a window in which I try to work. Oh, and it has the yamaha keyboard in it, and the house filing....I also work like a tasmanian devil who had too many puffs on something suporific (not that I have, myself) and work in a mess. I SO need my loft finished like yours, then we can all also swap round bedrooms and split the kids up. You are giving me hope, please keep me posted, you make me think there might be an end, and I might actually clear up one day....

Paula and Lesley, said...

Don't ever give up Rachel - it can be done! My loft isn't ideal as it's a ladder access and not much headroom but the important thing is that it gets the stuff out of the way! You just have to be careful then that it doesn't all creep back down for the reasons described!! big love pxxxx