Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Leeds.

So Wychbury are sneaking into Leeds!  I was 23 when I moved to Yorkshire, already at an age where the time for sitting on steps in the cool part of town and peering at passers-by through layers of eyeliner and clouds of cigarette smoke were left behind me in Birmingham.  However, the area around the Corn Exchange in Leeds has always seemed to me to be the place to hang out, filled with cool shops selling an abundance of all the stuff I just love to spend  frivolous amounts of cash on!

The Corn Exchange itself is Grade 1 listed and underwent an extensive renovation in 2008.  Now nice and shiny and full of great new businesses, the iconic round building is once again the hub of a vibrant and growing community of creative entrepreneurs now thriving even more via the blessing of our time, social networking!

On the relatively tucked away Kirkgate, Bird's Yard stands tall.  Three floors of open plan shops filled with a trove of vintage and handmade treasures from a huge range of artists and curated by a staff of committed, enthusiastic and very friendly people.  Not even a year old yet, Bird's Yard is effortlessly cool in that easy going 'buy a lurex belt on your way for a Saturday latte' kind of a way, everyone fits in, there's no pressure, maximum browsing opportunity and loads of fun! 

Carla DeAzevedo of MausHaus has just opened Nouveau Leeds on the second floor and this is where we come in.  After contacting us via Folksy about stocking our range, I got to know Carla via her participation in the Saltaire Arts Trail in May.  Nouveau Leeds is a bright, airy space with one of the stunning round windows the building boasts and Carla is in the process of filling the space with carefully chosen work from some amazing loacal artists.  We are chuffed to bits to be one of the first ranges to be stocked in the shop and wish Carla every success with her business.  Please check out all the links below for other ranges in Nouveau Leeds and the other units in Bird's Yard and please pop down to Kirkgate, you won't regret it!

Paula x

Indie Cindy
Kitschen Sink
Littlebirdy Designs

Sew You
Life's Big Canvas 
And loads more.....if you are in Birds yard and your link isn't here it's because I couldn't find it!  Please add your links in the comments lovely people! px


Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! Well done Paula - I'll look forward to visiting when I get round to hauling my ass up there!

Paula and Lesley, said...

Aw thanks lovely Kate, I will look forward to that :-) pxxx

Rowan said...

Thanks for the shout out! BY is a great place to work :)

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

ah, now I understand! I need to get my a*se to Leeds, don't I?! :)