Thursday, 26 May 2011


Typing, originally uploaded by Wychbury.
I - am typing! That's about it really - cards for my vintage silk and button hair clips. I stitched some of them in bed last night whilst watching 'Underworld, Rise of the Lycans'. The film's not bad - Vincent is nowhere near as terrifying as Bill Nighy himself I can tell you!....Should I be this laid back when I only have about NINE hours of making and prep left? I really couldn't say - if you are in West Yorkshire this weekend come and see for yourself. If I am under an empty table rocking then I badly need to adjust my sense of urgency!

Paula x

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Lisa Falzon said...

Haha! I hope your Saltair thingie went well. I love your work and beautiful packaging a whole lot, no surprises there if it was a big hit! :) XO

Paula and Lesley, said...

Hi Lisa, sorry I missed your comment. Thanks so much - I am a big admirer of your work so that means a lot. The event was a huge success, thank you - we are starting prep for the next one which will be a one day event on September 10th as part of the Saltaire Festival. Paula xxx