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ychbury is the site of an Iron Age hill fort on the border of Worcestershire and the West Midlands in England.

Paula and Lesley have been making and selling jewellery and textile products together since 2004.  Wychbury is an ongoing indulgence of our shared delight in all things past. We create wearable pieces that hint at a bygone age when ladies wore hats, when we threw much less away and when women's skills with a needle and thread sustained comfort and beauty in the home.

We both respond well to old books, beautiful old things we can use again, stuff that grows and smells nice, ruined abbeys, big Pre Raphaelite paintings, good food, crackling fires and being at home....so we are pretty lucky that we work there!

We make jewellery, floral fabric accessories for hair and clothing, wearable pincushions, a range of remembrance poppies and much more.  You can browse and buy from our online stores on Etsy, Folksy and Big Cartel as well as from our stockists if you prefer to shop in person.  We also welcome custom orders and wholesale enquiries.

Paula and Lesley x

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