Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring Goodies from Wild Woman Jewelry.

Given that I am up to my armpits in my house renovations at the moment I haven't had much to say. However, I really wanted to find time today to feature the fantastic Karon Dean of WildWomanJewelry . Her shop is so fresh, bright and gorgeous that I couldn't pick a favourite piece to put a picture of here no matter how hard I tried! So here are Karon's own featured items from her shop - go looky!
Oh, and MASSIVE thanks to Karon for including us in another one of her beautiful treasuries!

Paula x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

First Light.

This is it - the first ray of light to be allowed into my roof space since it was built in 1935. This the momentous first velux window to be put into the roof of my house and the first step towards turning my dusty old loft into a useable work space!

Last night, I sat on the boards in the dust and the yellow light and looked around the space that I have only been able to plan in my head until now. The suprise is that the room isn't at all like I imagined and has a lot more aspects to be taken ito account that you might think. I have learned that the 'purlins' are the horizontal beams that hold up the roof and that the one at the front is placed lower than the one at the back. I have less headroom than I imagined but more floor space and the hatch is exactly in the middle of the house.

Now I can see exactly what I have to work with I can start to see that this really does mark the beginning of the end of the nightmare my chosen vocation has forced on my family for the last few years!

It has begun! Wheeeeee!

Paula x

Sunday, 8 March 2009

In Hell.

Well the money from our remortgage to sort out our very overcrowded house had finally landed. The main implication this has for my end of Wychbury is that I will finally have a place to work as I am having my loft converted. There is no scope for a staircase in my house so I will have a space that is only accessible via a ladder and therefore should be child-free!

This cannot happen soon enough. In recent weeks I have been working on lots of stuff in preparation for Spring. I had hoped to have had the loft done in time for me to start making again in February but alas it has not come to pass!

The result of this has been a complete meltdown of all order in our home. Nothing has a place, there are heaps and piles on every surface, tiny bits of shrapnel and detritus lie everywhere from each job that I have attempted to complete in some random and innappropriate location! My memory banks are now totally full and I cannot remember where a single thing is. Yesterday I had to retrace my steps three times to remember where I had seen the hair slide I had seen, mentally noted to put in my daughter's hair and then totally forgot where it was! Making a coffee has become a major operation as things have to be moved and piled on top of one another just to make space for the kettle.

Hopefully I will have lots of optimistic things to say as the build unfolds in the coming weeks and have lots of photos of the new Wychbury Studio as it takes shape. For now though, I am fairly sure that this is what purgatory feels like.

Paula x

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Peacocks Everywhere!

I am having one of those themed days today, you know - where you see loads of connected stuff all day. First thing this morning my online window shopping for all things pretty, took me on a very peacock related path! I found this stunning tea-cosy which I am praying I will win so I can try and turn it into a bag - (now I am trusting you all not to try and outbid me, regardless of the beauty!)

Then later on I took the kids to a farm park where a very magnificent peacock was strutting around the place. After that a craft fair in local Baildon where I found lots of peacock related goodies, then finally an Etsy conversation telling us that my new turquoise pansy bobby pin is included in this fab blue treasury by chantylace.

To tie it all in I have been wearing a peacock blue rosette hair clip and carrying my vintage bag to match all day - divine synchronicity or what? :)

Paula x