Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Saltaire Arts Trail, Ten Day Countdown...FIVE

This post is subtitled 'Poppies and PDQ' and is slightly retrospective as I am about 12 hours behind schedule at the moment!

So the practical work I was doing yesterday speaks for itself - it's poppies, lots of them! Like their naturally occurring version, these can be an effective sedative and are soothing to make while my mind is crowded with other things.

As you can imagine, in these last few days everything gets a little taut and the ongoing saga of the SAT PDQ machine has nearly driven the chairman of Saltaire Inspired to opiates himself! We are hoping so hard to have the card machine for the weekend but it has gone wrong and wrong again. It's something we had in mind right from post-event last May and honestly never thought it would be so difficult an achievement. The banks seem to consider an event like ours high risk and range from apprehensive to downright in incredulous at the thought of taking the gig!

As an organisation, implementing a procedure for a payment method we have never used before, with volunteers, multiple venues and mobile phones has presented pitfalls galore and taken a great deal of planning to overcome. This planning has been expertly done by people with infinitely more mental capacity than myself. I actually feel rather dizzy at the sight of the process maps and bewildered when yet another worst case scenario presents itself. During the meeting last night I actually requested this mug for my tea as I first read it as *Queen of f*****g everything....UP!*. Suffice to say, if the PDQ machine has not arrived in time for the weekend then much more bad language will ensue!

Pass the Laudenum would you darling? I'm getting one of my heads!

Paula x

Etched Glass by [vinegar & brown paper].  Exhibiting at 6 Harold Place and Saltaire Visitor Information Centre - bottles for soothing elixirs of all kinds.