Monday, 31 March 2008

Medieval Goodness!

After our latest Etsy Treasury West contribution we have come over all renaissance and have just added a range of Tudor inspired hair accessories to our medieval collection. You can browse some of them in our Etsy shop and soon at

We have also joined the new Flickr group ‘Medieval Wenches’

Hey nonny nonny!

Paula xxx

Mediaeval Faeves

Another one!

This is addictive!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Screenshots of Treasuries

A Forest

Sing Blue Silver

Song of the Imaginary Beings

New one inspired by our favourite band IAMX:

Mediaeval Faeves

I messed up with the first one and lost the last row of items. Bah!

I think we'll add to this everytime we get one!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Sing Blue Silver

Yep, got another one but I was signed into our wychcrafts shop at the time when I bagged it!

It's so sad when your treasury disappears. *sniff* I got a screen shot of the last one which I'll probably post up soon.

I am on a massive gig comedown. In the last few months I've seen 30 Seconds to Mars, Megadeth, Hanoi Rocks and this week IAMX. Gigs are definitely my drug of choice.
I'm hoping that The Horrors & Patrick Wolf tour soon, but I really need another fix of IAMX.
I can't even blog about how fabulous the show was, I can't put it into words.

I can add a picture though..which may give you some idea.

Lesley. xxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I managed to bag a Treasury West spot this morning, what fun! Seriously I could have spent all day choosing gorgeous things!

Here's the link:

It has a forest theme (no shock there...)

Well, Paula and I will be dancing and squealing at Chris Corner of IAMX (ex Sneaker Pimps) tonight.

Note to self: Go easy on the glitter eyeliner and sequins.....


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Vintage Bags & Beads

Sooo frustrating! I went to an antiques market yesterday, but most of the stalls were packing up to go home the minute I arrived. Much to my amazement most of the stalls were full of BEADS! (This is my idea of heaven) I did a fine impression of a headless chicken whilst wanting to hover on stalls and root through the vintage jewellery, but also wanted to catch the other stalls before they closed. This resulted in me not being able to find much, but I did happen upon a beautiful vintage bag with lovely bead work, allegedly circa late 40's/50's, it needs a little bit of TLC, but in remarkable condition considering the age. (Unfortunately my other half commented that it was the sort of bag his Grandma would have)

I also grabbed a few stands of old glass beads for £1.00 each - barginous!. I can't wait to go again in May, I'll definitely be there much earlier next time

*sigh* So many gorgeous beads. Some of the vintage necklaces had pretty steep prices and my usual reaction to strings of beads is to dismantle them and make things for myself or for Wychbury, but these were too pretty to break up and I probably wouldn't wear some of them, but I just wanted to own the beads and look at them and maybe stroke them for a while... I need help I know...

Lesley xxx

Friday, 7 March 2008

New Cards & Felt Baby Shoe photos on Flickr

We've updated the Wychbury site with some new cards today, lots of Mad March Hares, Tree Moon cards and Ivy Leaves:

Also added felt baby shoe pictures to Flickr

Lazy day today, although I finally planted a load of seeds which are now sitting comfortably on my kitchen window ledge, cornflowers, marigolds, campanulas and sunflowers. Just hope the dreaded white fly doesn't attack as it has decimated my Basil.

Lesley xxx

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Foxgloves & Jacob's Ladder

I made a couple of necklaces last night which I'm quite pleased with. My sister had made some gorgeous large lampwork flowers which I've added the usual brass and copper to.

Got quite frustrated as my favourite pliers are not well. (see previous comment on the last post)

Anyway here are the herbal pretties, the Jacobs Ladder pendant inspired by Patrick Wolf:

Jacob the ladder is falling down
Heaven is out of reach for us now
golden gates the closing clouds
Jacob the ladder has fallen down

Patrick Wolf.

As the foxglove loves the fur of the bee
flushed and spotted, long-throated with longing,
I love you, honey, let me smear your face with pollen,
take fur inside me mouth and belly --
oh it's been too long, the sun has swung around and around
and all my dews are gone,
but bid me and I'll open sudden as a rock-spring,
I'll bloom like a wadi, only touch me and I'm milk and honey,
your rose of Sharon, your lily of the valley

Song of Solomon

Confound it all, I love it though!

After reading Black Lily Pie's post of yesterday I got to wondering. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Working from home is one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted. I post on Esty forums with one hand, wash up with the other and hold the phone between ear and shoulder at the same time. I have toys on my work table and find my sewing machine bobbins in the toybox, there is printing ink on my carpet and paintbrushes on my draining board. I dash to the post office on the way to school and my laptop will no doubt pack up soon from either being next to the cooker or full of food, juice or crayons!

Seriously, I must love what I do mustn't I? Either that or I have a cog off somewhere!

Paula xxx