Sunday, 30 January 2011

Craft Soup!

So here I am again with one of my sporadic bursts of networking energy! This is a short, but very nourishing and tasty post about a group of fantastic Yorkshire ladies, some cake and a hashtag!
Once upon a time, there were some ladies who were very fond of making things, eating cake, using twitter and chatting. One day, the crafty ladies decided to venture out into the world and meet each other for real and the #saltstweetup was born.

Exploring the power of social networking and in particular Twitter, we have linked up using the #saltstweetup hashtag and in every way we can think of to skill share, swap materials, organise events, promote each other and share cake, coffee and crafty chat. Our meetings are currently taking place at the lovely Salts Diner in Salts Mill and our group is rapidly growing into the Aire Valley's premier craft mafia!

To make things even cosier I have created a facebook group for us all to bond in, the ladies voted on a name and I am very pleased to present CRAFT SOUP! This is a closed group but if you live vaguely in the vicinity of West Yorkshire and would like to meet us and join our merry band then please request to join!

If you are a member of Craft Soup then please post your business link in the comments section so everyone can a have a dunk! See you all on Saturday :-)

Paula x


Claire said...

This is so fab Paula. Well done xxx

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

hello, I am a proud member!

thanks for the post
(is that the link you meant?)

Paula and Lesley, said...

Thanks ladies - whatever links you want people to visit Rachel! I'm off to remind folks to post their links in here on our soupy page! px

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That sounds fun ! I wish you every success , even though I'll never be able to join in . Pity !
Perhaps you'll post an occasional update on your work ?

Alice Fox said...

Is this the link you need?
Thanks for all the hard work x