Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stitched Leaves.

I do some work part time as a childminding assistant for a pretty large setting. This gives me lots of opportunity to devise and try out lots of creative, textile-based activities with a fantastic group of children aged between two and eight. I'm always suprised how well young children respond to being introduced to new skills that we would normally try to put them off for as long as possible due to sharp, hot or mechanical elements! Last week I was amazed at the skill shown by a little girl who isn't two for another month as she used a huge needle to thread beads, accurately and rapidly until she had a six inch long 'necklace'.

This week we have started our autumn projects and I thought it would be a good time to introduce the children to using a sewing machine. We used appropriately patterned fabrics and the children chose their threads and stitches from the sewing machine's menu and created these fantastic leaves for our display.

Paula x


Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

I love the leaves!it must be so rewarding and enjoyable working with children as they're imagination is boundless.My two and half year old asks can he help me with my 'Knipning' and 'Snewing'...maybe I should take him up on it!xx

Wychbury said...

Definitely! I think the trick is to put kids in a position where they are absolutely compelled to as 'What are you doing? can I help?' :) Keep the timespan short too, most of these leaves took about five minutes each to stitch and that was enough for most. I hope you have fun :) pxxx
PS, I'd almost forgotten how lovely your blog is Cassandra - lovely post about your embroidery sampler!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You're brave!
Our pre-school groups happily bang (very small) nails into cork boards and chop things up with scissors . But I can't see them handling a sewing machine . My nerves aren't up to it !!

Wychbury said...

It was actually ok! We did it one to one with me standing behind each child and keeping an eye on their hands. My machine has a push button so they HAVE to take their hand away from the presser foot to start the machine. :) px

Pauper said...

Oh, not only do you make gorgeous poppy pins, you have a lovely inspiring blog too! So happy I found you :) What a nice idea for a sewing project for young children--my little girl is almost 2 and has a great interest in sewing, this looks like the perfect project to start her out on! Thanks!xx