Friday, 4 September 2009

My Pocket Sewing Box

I love this and felt the need to share! I found it on our local car boot sale last year for the standard 50p and didn't realise that it had sections in it until I got it home. I have no idea how old it is but I'm imagining it was a trinket box in its day, I now use it to carry all my tiny bits of hand-sewing in that I can work on away from the house. I sew at toddler groups, outside school, on the bus/train, in the park, cafes, on the stall at craft fairs - anywhere! This is way more atractive than the plastic bag I used to use and my needles don't poke through it!
Paula x


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A very pretty little dish ! Yes , I used a plastic bag for years to hold sewing things when travelling . I now have a very snazzy Chinese pencil case so am no longer stabbed by pointy scissors or left rummaging for escaping pins . I now feel a lot less flustered !

EderaJewelry said...

Oh, what a cute way to transport your sewing--I have one very similar, only it's clear with silver sparkles, and was intended to store spools of thread...

You do lovely work--I've hearted your shop on Etsy :)

Thanks so much for following my blog!

Take care,

Wychbury said...

Thanks so much Ivy, your work is just stunning!

Paula and Lesley x

joanne May said...

Hi, Paula and Lesley,
I like you Wychbury blog very much!
Lovely little sewing kit. The sort of kit a fairy might carry around with them to sew a patch or two!;)
I am now following you, so I hope to visit your site again soon.
Best wishes, Jo May.