Monday, 31 August 2009

Counting in Fives.

Just a small post today, to confess a strange obsession I seemed to have developed, more of a compulsion really! A long time ago I was commissioned to make a hair barrette of three Tudor Roses for a customer for her wedding. Before the person decided to not see through her order or indeed contact me ever again, she made a point of saying that as a history student it was very important to her that the roses were realistically accurate.

Although I am nowhere near as bad as that and understand that the Tudor Rose and indeed any Heraldic roses were presented in many different ways throughout history, there is one aspect I can't seem to shake myself free of.....they come in FIVES! Five petals on each layer, five leaves in between - FIVES!

The result of this is that not only will I spend hours on Etsy and Ebay looking for flowers and findings that have five petals and reject any that don't, I will also grab anything that does have five petals regardless of what it is! I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my friend Rachael for seizing her children's stencil from her kitchen (and as yet not returning it) just because it had a five petalled flower on it! I will even snip out the superfluous petal on six fold findings and close up the gap with pliers - I admit it I need help!

'Irrespective of the subject I will make it apply'- 'Count in Fives' The Horrors.

Paula x

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