Sunday, 1 March 2009

Peacocks Everywhere!

I am having one of those themed days today, you know - where you see loads of connected stuff all day. First thing this morning my online window shopping for all things pretty, took me on a very peacock related path! I found this stunning tea-cosy which I am praying I will win so I can try and turn it into a bag - (now I am trusting you all not to try and outbid me, regardless of the beauty!)

Then later on I took the kids to a farm park where a very magnificent peacock was strutting around the place. After that a craft fair in local Baildon where I found lots of peacock related goodies, then finally an Etsy conversation telling us that my new turquoise pansy bobby pin is included in this fab blue treasury by chantylace.

To tie it all in I have been wearing a peacock blue rosette hair clip and carrying my vintage bag to match all day - divine synchronicity or what? :)

Paula x

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