Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring Goodies from Wild Woman Jewelry.

Given that I am up to my armpits in my house renovations at the moment I haven't had much to say. However, I really wanted to find time today to feature the fantastic Karon Dean of WildWomanJewelry . Her shop is so fresh, bright and gorgeous that I couldn't pick a favourite piece to put a picture of here no matter how hard I tried! So here are Karon's own featured items from her shop - go looky!
Oh, and MASSIVE thanks to Karon for including us in another one of her beautiful treasuries!

Paula x


Wild Woman Jewelry said...

A big thank you, Paula! Much appreciated...your shop is a pleasure! xo

The 우리 Ladies said...

Everything from your crafts is so amazing enjoy reading it! I hearted your Etsy shop :) Cheers!