Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pin It.

A while ago, a customer sent me an enquiry about the possibility of me adapting one of my pincushion ring designs into a brooch. I had no plans to do so at the time and wasn't really sure how to convert the design, I thought the weight would make a brooch version loll forward on the clothing and be useless so I put the idea on the back burner. However, the idea of making a whole range of wearable sewng accessories was something that had now been put in my head so I put the brooch idea to some fellow stitchers to see what they thought. We all concurred that our cardigans, other clothing and furniture were full of pins and needles anyway so why not do it in a way that looked good?
You can always rely on Etsy's supply shop owners to make the best possible use of componants and it wasn't long before a search for '30mm base' yielded a brooch version of the ring from one of my favourite suppliers. So I have gone ahead and made something that I think works, it's a little shallower, the button is set a little more visably towards the front of the piece and you can wear it any way up!

I also have some plans to try a pendant version to wear on a chain and a larger brooch in a more ornate setting using the caps from milk cartons as a base.

In the words of Pinterest where Wychbury now has a page by the way,
Happy Pinning!

Paula x


Alice Fox said...

Loving my ring version, although it hasn't made it off the mantle piece and onto my hand yet cos I'm admiring it there!

Paula and Lesley, said...

:-) Glad you are pleased Alice pxxxxx

Amy said...

I really adore your creations, they are soo unique and practical!

Paula and Lesley, said...

Thanks so much Amy! px