Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok, so I failed completely to create any new products for Vally's Day! However I will point you in the direction of Lesley's Poison Heart Locket Ring from our Folksy shop.

Sticking with Folksy for a minute, here are the top picks from my lovely Folksy friends that popped into my head straight away when I started typing this! Leigh Shepherd, Rowan Grant and Tracy Connell are all West Yorkshire ladies and all just happen to have heart themed items in their shops right now!

Leigh's brooch is 'A truly removable tattoo'! A print of her original painting of a rockabilly style tattoo on a gold background made onto a vintage draughts piece, also available in 'Life' and 'True Love' version.

Tracy also has earrings and bracelets available in this gorgeous lampwork heart design in her shop, there's a pretty clear version too but who can't love a purple heart?

Rowan has a few more of these fab vintage comic designs featuring kissing couples in her shop but this was the one that stood out for my Valentine's feature. Possibly because the description says 'What kind of girl am I?....I don't even know his name...and I don't care...I just want his kisses!' That in itself makes it irresistable in my opinion!

See? We are talented up here in the North and not at all Grim! However, some grimness exists in my neighbour's garden right now which I won't go into for fear of spoiling your lunch. In order to sweeten the pill of having to live next door to such horrors I went a bit overboard on our Valentine's breakfast this morning - yup, I made heart shaped blueberry pancakes and am not at all ashamed to admit it!! I used up the blueberries and blackberries in Nigella's American Breakfast Pancakes and just had to turn up the faff factor by a bit of heart shaped pouring!
Have a really great day and happy Chinese New Year too :)

Paula xxx


Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Thanks so much for featuring me in this! North Rocks! Lovely write up. Happy valentine's day!

Wychbury said...

You're most welcome Rowan! See you soon, Paula xxxx

Leigh Shepherd said...

Hi Paula,
Thank you very much for showing off my new tattoo! Those pancakes look delish xxx

Wychbury said...

You're welcome too Leigh :) I don't know how many hits we get but it would be good to get a few more people following us on here. I do love to trumpet about fab work wherever possible and I totally need most of your new stuff :) xxxxx

TataniaRosa said...

Great items :D

I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. See here for the details

Heather x