Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well we have been away for what seems like absolutely ages! November was packed with craft fairs and Christmas events and both of us did extra work in other areas over the Christmas period. I am going to be working, believe it or not, in a childminding setting with a view to getting some experience in doing various craft activities and workshops with children as well as getting some fantastic opportunities doing display work. It's loads of fun and I think it will dove-tail in with my current Wychbury work really well.

For the new year I have some new designs coming through including these fascinator bands that I showcased during our Christmas events. My pansies were inspired first off by the hand tinted, fade velvet flowers you see on antique Victorian millinery - there is a great collection of hats in Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley that I gaze at for ages at a time! Really, these pieces are another way of getting my pansies onto the head and echoing the theme in a more up to date, wearable way.

I like the idea of a cluster of the flowers as it gives me a chance to mix colours for more impact. The design is also very versatile in terms of colour and the number of flowers I use - I am going to be offering custom pieces for bridal and formal wear as well as being ace to wear every day. I am personally delighted about the fascinator's move to mainstream fashion and long may it be so!!

Paula x


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your fascinators are very pretty , perfect for little bridesmaids .
Good luck with the childcare experience gathering . Having worked with small children for quite a few years , I 'd advise you to take your sense of humour with you ! But , don't worry , you'll find it's great fun .

Wychbury said...

Thanks for the encouragement! The childminder I am working with is a close friend and has worked closely with our local school and toddler groups for a few years. This means that I already know most of the kids I'll be aiming my work at so they are a good first audience!

Thanks for you comments on the fascinators too - I'm hoping to take the designs a lot further in the coming weeks and hope that big girls will like them too :)

Paula x

Leigh Shepherd said...

Your facinators are lovely! S is in love with her hair clips.

BTW I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. You can see the details here

Wychbury said...

Thank you Leigh - I have finally been over to yours and commented, sorry it's taken me so long. Hope I will see you soon - vintage fair at the Midland tomoz? I will be there with bells on :) xxxx