Sunday, 12 April 2009

Declared Open!

Ooooh my goodness it's been a slog but my fabulous new workspace is up and running!

I have no shelves as yet and everything is just bunged in the eaves, the place is also now half full of all the evacuated kitchen stuff. However, I have a desk, a chair, an Ikea futon (which I totally assembled myself!), some very obvious Ikea cushions with buttons printed all over them - I know, I know - buttons, in a sewing room!

I have also been able to dust off some of my old inherited furniture which has been living in the loft in the dark for years and am using my grandparents' old 1950s one bar fire to keep warm right now!

I have been working in there for three days and could not be happier! Hurray for the loft!



SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I love your new space ! And am immensely impressed by your assembly of an Ikea anything .But are you sure that the ladder is a child deterrent? In my experience nothing is !

Wychbury said...

Thank you so much - it is so fab to have a space at last! The children can shin up the ladder like spider monkeys but only when I am there to supervise so it's not too bad! pxxx